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“Secret customer” program

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Snapshot analysis – “Secret customer” program

The “secret customer” program is extremely efficient and we recommend it as a monitoring tool for the means of services of every hotel.

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Have you ever wondered what exactly happens to your business, when you are away? We can provide valuable information about your hotel’s current state of operations, sales and employees. Our “secret customer” program will meet your expectations and achieve your goals. If you want a successful hotel, you need to maintain high customer satisfaction.

One of the best tools is the secret customer, who supervises the quality of services and work performance of every employee.

Secret customer program is aimed at understanding the perceptions of your hotel guests and staff.

The company’s successful development, the years of experience and the loyal clients are proofs of our professionalism. Our clients like to receive objective monitoring, quality reports and proper advice. We observe our secret service preparing a comprehensive report, which reveals the findings of our secret agent in detail. Our team works individually with every client, developing a program in accordance with our partners’ needs. We keep an available database of the reports of our secret customers who have proven experience in the hotel branch.