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Certification ISO 9001, НАССР

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Certification ISO 9001, НАССР

Production quality, impact on the environment, safety on the work place, information security, energy consumption

These are the key parameters to be managed by every company.
Measures leading to improvement of one parameter often affect negatively another parameter; an integrated management system gives the opportunity to find the optimal solution in the field of investment, process changes and human recourse management.

Why do you need ISO 9001 and НАССР?

Certification is independent quality management systems revision of the different processes inside the company. It offers multiple assessments by experienced experts from external environment, allows to discover reserves and to receive ideas for improvement. And last but not least, the auditor can be a tool for easier accomplished changes in the management system of processes.

Certification with ISO and HACCP certificates is necessary in order to unify the standards and requirements for the international market.
The United Nations International Health Organization, the World Food Organization and the World Trade Organization set up and developed the HACCP system with its 7 basic principles: identify the hazards, establish critical limits(s), establish a system to monitor control of the HCCP, establish the corrective action to be taken when monitoring indicates that a particular HCCP is not under control, establish procedures of verification to confirm the HACCP system is working effectively, establish documentation concerning all procedures and records of HACCP.

The primary objective of the quality and management standard is to ensure safety of food purchases. The basic idea of HACCP is to direct the technological processes of the enterprise to safety of each food product and to eliminate or reduce to a minimum level the risks of food poisoning for the consumer.