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We analyze carefully our clients and their demands in order to offer the best solution. We deal with your goals as though they are our own goals. We are proud of your achievements, as they are the award for our affords!
We believe that team work is the key to success!



We create business solutions! We have the know-how for everything you need. Ideas are our strength, and their realization is your success!
We believe that innovations challenge business and make it advance!

Our Vision


We trail all modern tourist, business and social tendencies in the branch and we know how to make them work for us.
We keep up with time and you are always a move ahead your rivals.
We believe that business innovations keep you on top!



Loyalty is the most important thing for us! Ethics in relationships is our moving force. Our teams of professionals guarantee confidentiality.
We believe that loyalty removes obstacles and establishes powerful business teams!


We are professionals with wide experience in the management of tourist resorts, hotels and eating establishments.
We can enhance your productiveness, efficiency and profitability.
We offer solutions and opportunities, which will satisfy your customers and make your business successful!


In order to guarantee maximal efficiency in the hotel management, we develop individual module programs.

The module pattern of the services we offer gives the opportunity to concentrate on problematic areas which need to be restructured, optimized and renovated.

Practical Experience



In management, the owner submits to the company the overall management of the hotel complex, while all decisions concerning current leadership activities are made by SLS CONSULTING.
SLS CONSULTING performs the management and running of the site according to a management contract.

This formula, which has proved its efficiency worldwide, binds SLS CONSULTING with maximal concern in achieving optimal economic results.
We take responsibility for overall management of the business activity of the hotel complex, including the following services